About Us

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Bailey, Logan Wolter, Baxter, Aidyn (Bailey's Son) Desa

Meet Our Family

This is our family. One with a "gut of steel". One future son-in-law who loves to eat like a carnivore. One wrestler, which means lots of meat. One visiting grandson, his request is mostly pancakes for breakfast and mini-hamburgers for most other meals. One with diet issues (no sugar and limited dairy and gluten).

Cooking at home and enjoying a meal with family is great. If you need help with meal ideas, I'd love to chat with you.

We ranch almost 30 miles from any town. Over the years of raising kids I have gotten pretty good at pulling meat out of the freezer and making a meal with limited ingredients. There is no store a couple blocks away. I can check the pantry and do a quick internet search based on what meat I'm serving that day. Googling something like "grass-fed beef and black beans" will give me enough ideas for a quick meal! My husband calls them my "Less-ipes", it is amazing how many ingredients can be left out of a recipe and it's still awesome! :)

I look forward to meeting you in person,