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Ashley, ND

You're looking for a local producer you can trust to be your source for healthy home raised meats.

Whether you are Keto, Carnivore or just trying to eat less processed foods...having Prairie Soul Meats in your freezer is a quick easy go to for a meal you and your family will love!


My wife and I get nearly all of our beef from Prairie Soul Meats and couldn't be happier. Their grass fed beef tastes incredible and has been a staple in my journey of resolving health issues. On top of a great quality product Cody and Deanna are incredibly knowledgeable and a joy to talk to, I would highly recommend them to you!
Michael, Fargo ND
Our young family pays attention to what's in our food, how that food is produced and how it's production impacts our natural resources. Prairie Soul checks every box. No seasonings required for their nutrient dense meats. So good!! Thanks for doing what you do, Sand Ranch!
Tanner, Bismarck ND
"MY STORY... I've struggled for years with my health. I have autoimmune diseases. I went on a hunt for 100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef when I learned other meat was actually throwing my health into a whirlwind. I tried their burger, no seasonings, just natural and I tell ya it was sooooo good. Sure enough I was fine AND I'm still fine eating this beef. So I only get my beef from this family. Not only can I count on it not making my health go into whirlwind but the quality is so great. Don't forget to try their ready to eat beef too (like summer sausage) you definitely won't be disappointed.
Amy, Redfield SD
Cody & Deanna Sand
Thank you for taking time to visit our site! If you have any questions, we're always here to help! Cody and Deanna
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