Reserve 1/4 Beef

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Reserve 1/4 Beef


Reserve 1/4 beef with $50.00. Get your name on the list!

Reserve My 1/4 Beef

Quantity of meat and total price for 1/4 beef varies depending on size of animal. Price per pound always stays the same, but total can vary due to size of each animal. Price is $3.00/lb based on hanging weight plus processing.

Average price of quarter is $600 plus processing of $140 paid to butcher shop. So most 1/4 Beef is $740.

Average quarter includes: (varies some depending on beef size)

60 lbs ground beef

Roasts - Sirloin Tip, Chuck Roast, Round Roast, Arm Roast

Steaks - New York Strip, Ribeye, Tenderloin, Sirloin


Soup Bones

Short Ribs

Organ meat (heart, liver and tongue) is available upon request.