Bailey, Deanna, Baxter, Aidyn (our grand-son), Cody, Desa

Bailey, Deanna, Baxter, Aidyn (our grand-son), Cody, Desa

This is my family. One with a “gut of steel”. One with diet issues (no sugar and limited dairy and gluten). One wrestler (that means small healthy portions). One visiting toddler, his request is almost always pancakes for breakfast and a mini hamburger for every other meal.

Cooking at home and enjoying a meal with family is great.

If you need help with meal ideas I’d love to chat with you. We ranch almost 30 miles from any town. So over the years of raising kids I have gotten pretty good at pulling meat out of the freezer and making a meal with limited ingredients. There is no store a couple blocks away. I will usually check the pantry and then google based on what I have that day. Googling “grass-fed ground beef and black beans” will give me enough ideas for a quick meal! It’s amazing how many ingredients can be left out of a recipe and it’s still awesome! :)

I’m excited to meet you in person!


We love being on the ranch, we have a passion for native prairie, sunsets and starry nights. But, also like camping and fishing. Water skiing in the summer and snow skiing in the winter seems to keep our famliy pleased!

Bailey is a traveling welder, he lives in Sioux Falls, SD. He has a 3 year old son, Aidyn.

Desa is studying accounting at Lake Area Tech in Watertown, SD. She purchases feeder pigs and raises them to sell for meat. They are raised outside and kept on previously used bale grazing sites.

Baxter is a Freshman at Ashley High School. He has a herd of Dorper sheep which he purchased a couple of years ago. He is raising grass-fed lamb.

One of my most favorite quotes:

“Anyone Can Love a Mountain, but It Takes a Soul to Love the Prairie” unknown

Crocus (Pasque Flower) first flower of spring.

Crocus (Pasque Flower) first flower of spring.