Kalie Rider, MS RD Williston, ND

When I was studying to become a dietitian I was the typical

love-to-learn academic. I loved the academic atmosphere, the academic

crowd, and the academic lifestyle. But when I acquired an infection in

my leg that left my immune system in complete confusion I learned more

about nutrition in six months of healing than in years of schooling. I

had to learn how to rebuild my body from scratch.

A big part of my healing revolved around pastured animal products. I

ate grass-fed butter, pastured chicken broth, and grass-fed meats

freely, without my immune system acting up. As I struggled to gain

weight and get my pre-infection vitality back, it was the pastured

products that gave my body the foothold it needed to move forward.

Today, ten years later, I eat grass-fed butter, beef, and organ meats

daily, much like my grandparents did not too long ago.

Even more exciting, educational, and validating for me was healing my

nephew Oliver who was born with severe allergies and eczema, with a

body that was clearly inflamed. My sister removed his allergens along

with highly processed sugars and oils, fed him a simplified diet high

in pastured meats and fats, and worked with a naturopath to clear up

an infection in his gut. His inflammation calmed down and his eczema

disappeared. Now, the science is starting to back up the benefits of

animal products, most especially if the animals were finished on grass

in the case of cows and free-range/pastured in the case of pigs and

chickens. Turns out there is far more value in these nature-intended

traditional foods than we have given credit!

Beyond being a dietitian and just speaking as a North Dakotan who

loves the land, I am now also obsessed with the potential of restoring

our prairies with holistic grazing practices, such as what they are

doing at the Sand Ranch. It's very exciting to me that the food I ate

to heal my body also brings vitality and life back to the land. I

highly recommend incorporating pastured animal products into one's

diet for the win/win benefits to both our land and our families.

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